I suggest that the OWLR app...

Foscam F-19850W please add I have a account and they used to work ? I cant grt anyone at Owl to help me!

Explain to people how to establish a URL for there Foscam cameras to work with owl you request a url to config them!
Everyone is not a computer geek!
Thank You Owl.

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Hi Ken.

First of all, thanks for the feedback and thank you for using OWLR.

We do support Foscam cameras as indicated here: https://owlr.uservoice.com/knowledgebase/articles/458563-supported-cameras-for-owlr-apps and its very easy to setup your camera for internal as well as external access. All you have to do is to follow the following steps.

Connect your camera to your WiFi Network or your home router. For most cameras, for the camera’s first set up, it will need to be plugged into your router via an ethernet cable.
On your phone, connect to your Home WiFi or the WiFi to which the camera is connected.
Open OWLR App.
Select “Find My Cameras” option. The app will automatically find your camera.
Press Setup and follow the instructions.
During the Setup process, you will be asked whether you would like the app to set up external access. If you would only like to set up the camera Internally (i.e if you only want to view your camera when you are home), select “Skip”. If you would also like to view your camera when you are outside your home, then select “Allow Access”.
If there’s ever anything we can do to help, just send another message through the in-app Feedback button and we’ll be in touch to help out.

Happy viewing!


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