Motion Alert Issues

General information:

OWLR has now fully released motion detection on both our iOS and Android platforms

How much does motion detection cost:

  • Free Trial - You can opt in for the free trial which will last 14 days on Android and 7 days on iOS
  • Cost - 99¢ for the feature, or your regional equivalent.

Why does OWLR charge for motion detection:

  • OWLR is a small third party developer. We charge a small fee for our motion detection feature in order to fund our staff, the upkeep on the server, and development for future features and projects.
  • We believe that, by charging a small amount for our motion alerts service, we can keep the app ad-free and free to download.

I can't see a motion detection button:

  • Make sure your camera supports motion detection. There should be a motion alerts icon in the detail view of the camera, as well as a section in settings page (todo: add image)
  • You must have your camera setup correctly for external access to access motion alerts.

I'm not receiving push notifications:

  • Make sure you have notifications turned on and that your phone is not in "Do not disturb mode"
  • Make sure push notifications are on in the OWLR app under the motion detection settings.

I'm not receiving emails:

  • Please check you have entered the correct email address.
  • Make sure email notifications are on in the OWLR app. These can be found under the motion detection settings.

Test your SMTP settings:

If you have correctly done the above, please check that your camera is connected to our server.
  • To do so, please go to your camera settings via your browser. Then go to 'Network', and then 'Mail Settings', and check that there is a server specified under 'SMTP Server'
  • Also, please check the Sender E-mail test button under 'Mail Settings'. If your camera is connected to the server, you should receive an email once you've done so.

If you do not receive an email after testing you SMTP connection, please contact us via our in-app feedback messenger

Cancel your subscription:

Remember if you are feeling annoyed or angry you can get in contact with customer support and we can try and help. However, if you still wish to cancel your subscription, you can do so by following these instructions.

Unfortunately, we are not able to unsubscribe you from our premium services ourselves. This is due to how in-app payments are handled on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. You will need to unsubscribe via the Store yourself.

To unsubscribe on our Android service:

  • Please enter the Google Play Store.
  • Then go to 'My Apps and Games' in your Settings.
  • Select the OWLR app from your list of installed apps and games.
  • Then, select 'Manage Subscriptions' and select 'Cancel'

To unsubscribe on our iOS service:

  • Please enter the iOS OWLR app.
  • Click on the OWLR logo on the bottom right of the screen.
  • Select 'About', then 'Subscriptions', and then 'Manage Subscriptions'. This will take you to the Subscriptions page of your Apple ID
  • Select your Owlr Motion Alerts subscription, and then press 'Unsubscribe'

I still need help:

If you still need help please get in touch with us using the in app-feedback button or email us here we are more than happy to help!

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