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What is "Double NAT"? And why is it an issue?

General Information:

  • Firstly, we recommend that our users avoid using double NAT as it can cause many issues beyond being able to connect to your cameras externally.

  • Double NAT may be able to access your cameras externally if you are able to put your router/modem into bridge mode.

  • Unfortunately, we do not have instructions on how to set up your router to bridge mode, but your Internet Service Provider might.  If you could find out whether your ISP has some instructions and you manage to set up your router/modem to bridge mode successfully, you should then be able to set up your cameras and view them externally. But without this, we are unable to configure both routers to forward ports correctly to your camera(s).

I still need help:

If you still need help, please get in touch with us using the in-app feedback button or email us here. We are more than happy to help!

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