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Does OWLR have access to my cameras?

Emphatically, NO.

One of our core principles is "It's Yours, Not Ours". This means that OWLR is about serving you and making your cameras easy to use. But neither of these tasks should be at the expense of your safety or privacy.

To that end, we work hard to implement a "zero knowledge service" - more like a concierge who solves the problem at the time and then has insights on how to solve it again later, but could never share what they know since they have to deal with many, many other customers.

For your cameras, we will always leave the usernames and passwords for your cameras on your phone.  We should never have unfettered access to your cameras or microphones. For your videos, we are building a solution that makes sure that no one in our team (or, for that matter, anyone in the outside world) will have access to your videos.  It is called "obfuscation from the operator", which simply means that the ONLY person that should be allowed to see the video is You.  

You can chose to share the video if you wish to, but you will have the complete video on your phone to share as you wish.  We here at OWLR want to be your trusted service, not the repository of your private moments.

That's what Apple, Google and the NSA are for.

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