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    UPDATE: 7/12/2016

    Note: Changed Request title

    Definitely something we will be adding in the future.

    Workaround/ fix for Android:

    VPN are not supported because of the way our app binds to the port.

    I personally use a VPN on my Android phone; the way I get around the issue is discovery and setup the camera’s without my VPN turned on. Once you’ve done this and all the camera’s are setup, you can then switch your VPN back on.

    I’ve only tested this on my phone (Samsung S6), as the other devices in the office do not have VPN setup on them, so this isn’t a guaranteed fix.

    Daniel :)

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    V2 commented  · 

    As others have posted, the suggested workaround seems a bit odd. If one is to use the external IP and setup port forwarding, the point of having the VPN is negated. Probably the devs think that the reason for using a VPN is to obscure our location or such, i.e. change the IP address we connect FROM. In our case we are trying to change the IP address we connect TO. The VPN is between our phones/tablets and our routers at home/work (wherever the IP cameras are).

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