iOS 10.2 MAC Address Bug

THIS IS FIXED - Please update the app, we have fixed this issue.

Summary of bug:

The wonderful people over at Apple released the iOS 10.2, which changed the way in which some of their networking worked in a major way. Pretty bad news all around.

For our users on iOS 10.2, this means that you will not be able to discover more than one camera. If you are not able to discover or add a camera we recommend clearing all cameras, then rediscovering them.

Technical Details of the bug:

Apple have essentially changed the way MAC addresses are handled. As a result, our MAC address discovery code now always returns a false MAC address which means that we have no way of uniquely identifying each camera or a gateway MAC.

Apple's iOS 7 documentation shows they made changes so that developers cannot access the MAC address of their device, in favour of using other unique identifiers:

In iOS 7 and later, if you ask for the MAC address of an iOS device, the system returns the value 02:00:00:00:00:00. If you need to identify the device, use the identifierForVendor property of UIDevice instead.

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